Ludus EduCon

The story (About us)

Ludus EduCon LLP is a leading Educational solutions company (Hmmm…We were thinking the same what should we boast about or what should we please the reader with). The need for a company that provides trainings not solely based on the students potential was missing and we thought who else but a team that has completely understood their needs can do it better. The ‘arena’ as we like to call it, is where we apply practical methods towards training our Gladiators…Yes!!! We just said that. We put in every effort to ensure you win your Rudis which translates to ‘mark of Freedom’ which in your case would be referred to as your success.

Registered in the funny bone of the city, with a thirst to improve the quality of training that is currently offered. With both eyes on the finish line we aim to rise slowly but surely from the arena towards becoming invincible.

Our Intuition (Vision) & Vocation (Mission)