Welcome to LUDUS EDUCON Placement Training Roadmap

Ludus EduCon LLP is a leading Educational solutions company (Hmmm…We were thinking the same what should we boast about or what should we please the reader with). The need for a company that provides trainings not solely based on the students potential...

World Class Training Offered by LUDUS EDUCON

Foriegn Language Training
Foreign Langue Training

English : A global medium in communication but when not articulated in the right way could put you in harm’s way at LudusEduCon we take it a notch higher

Campus Recruitment Training
Campus recruitment training

William Shakespeare was considered in his own field of work as a Jack of all trades as a person who was literally good in everything he does in his field, in our case we make you a Jack/Jill

Corporate Training
Corporate or Enterprise Training

Learning is continuous especially when your part of a workforce, the ability to process learning during your professional life drops drastically when compared to your days incollege.

Competitive Exams
Competitive Exams

For getting a high quality education a lot of students wish to go abroad. Here at Ludus we make sure the dream comes true. We offer the students courses that will elevate them towards their success swiftly.


Video Based Learning

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy, well you can very well imagine what it could do to a person who is above 16 years of age. Here we adopt a system that enables the students to use their left side brains. Talks, Conferences, speeches, series and mini clips are shown to highlight the areas on how and where a trainee should improve.

Hear it from the horse’s mouth

It is quite comforting when a person who walks in the same shoes is able to listen to and relate to the other person. Keeping that in mind we bring in experts from the industry that the students would want to speak to and the expert prepares them mentally for what lies ahead of them.

Scenario Based Learning

Every story has a moral and a students is expected to learn from it but the learning can be 10 times better if a students is put into a particular situation and how he/she can cope up with the situation. The students are taught on how they can use their logical and analytical skills to solve a problem.


Age old techniques of teaching have sometimes proven to be the downfall of an institution which is why one needs to adapt to the latest trends in a market. At ludus we believe in keeping the students busy hence the digi-learning in the form of Emails, ppts and app based learning are applied for their betterment.


One does not know where they stand if not assessed, a systematic approach towards was a task that Ludus took up keeping in mind that different folks have different stokes, and their own methods to learn something. Hence, we assess our students on different perspectives that the market requires them to be updated with. It goes without saying that we have a keen method to improve the ones who find it hard to clear these assessments as well.