CRT (Campus recruitment training)

William Shakespeare was considered in his own field of work as a ''Jack of all trades'' as a person who was literally good in everything he does in his field, in our case we make you a Jack/Jill in over 25 key trades from your very resume to your interview and all the skills that will help you achieve your dream job. The key areas we focus on is Corporate Culture, Soft Skills, Verbal, Aptitude and Technical training. All services laid at your disposal to groom yourself.

Soft Skills

In the 21st century we at Ludus Believe that personal development is a penultimate necessity. The shortcut to experience as leading experts call it. Soft skills gives you the ability to utilize and apply your “hard skills” and knowledge with ever greater effectiveness, working with more and broader spectrums of people. Ludus ensures that we cultivate these skills so that you will be job ready.


Spearheaded by trainers who are well versed in grammar. Any requirements in the field of English can and will be covered, to ensure the learning is constant the students are assessed on a regular basis. From our FLT we also adopt Grammar Lyte our exclusive product on simplifying grammar for those finding it difficult to understand English grammar and as a promise from Ludus we ensure that our students reap the joys of success.


Someone who doesn't have the right skills for a position, or who isn't a good fit with the corporate culture, often ends up being replaced. Then you need to fill the position again and turnover costs and lost opportunities can be significant. To make better hiring decisions and avoid high job turnover rates, organizations often use ability testing. The goal is to get the right people, with the right skills, in the right jobs. At Ludus with our individual analysis on students and the gurus in the field of aptitude, we help the students to become a strong force in problem solving and reasoning skills


A very interesting process, where we teach students on how to more accurately and thoroughly perform the technical components of their jobs. Our training includes technology applications, products, sales and service tactics and more. The topics taught are job-specific and our trainers put in a huge effort towards the students on making it as practical as possible.

These are our fundamental aspects

Nurture every talent with maximum dedication equivalent.

Ludus Educon will be providing the qualified trainers on the particular arena to make sure quality training is provided.
We will ensure that the each and every topics from the module is covered.
Our staff is all well trained, so that they can provide the required data on each and every query.
Mock Test
There will be regular mock tests and assessments conducted till the end of the course.
Placement cell in Ludus Educon are those which are called as the job machines for the students with an n-number of sources available.
Finally there is a charm, there is a joy, there is a knowledge, with an enormous energy to execute - come join us.